What can I expect at Stroller Strides Class?

  • Intros and Warm Up - Please arrive 15 minutes before class begins. Participants must have signed a waiver of liability before taking part in class. We start with an ice breaker and introductions of ourselves and kiddos. Warm up is between 5-8 minutes long.
  • Power Walk or Jog With Stroller - Stroller Strides offers varying levels of intensity for your workout. The level of intensity you want to push yourself is up to YOU. We will power walk from station to station and if you want to push yourself to the next level you are welcome to kick it up to a jog.
  • Kids in the Stroller - For safety and liability reasons, children must remain secure in the stroller for the duration of the class. Feel free to step away to nurse or otherwise comfort your child and catch up to us when you can! You are welcome to bring along a baby carrier if the need to wear your baby arises. We are all mothers and understand that a child's needs and moods can vary from minute to minute.
  • Body Toning, Abs & Interval Training - In between our power walking we will train target areas of the body with the goal of providing a balanced and full-body workout every class!
  • Sing Songs With Your Kids - What makes the Stroller Strides program unique is or dedication to incorporating our kids into our workouts. As the kids tag along in the strollers, we will be singing songs, blowing bubbles, tickling, and otherwise engaging our sweet babes and making them an integral part of our fitness routine.
  • Stretch & Cool Down - At the last station our focus is abs and cooling down. We'll work on the core and then bring the heart rate back down and finish with our most important stretch of the day your S M I L E!!
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