FIT4MOM Tri-Cities Member of the Month - Gwen Ralston

Meet Gwen! She's FIT4MOM Tri-Cities Member of the Month! Gwen is one of the sweetest mamas we have ever met, she shows up to class with the cutest little cowboy and works out HARD and always has a smile on her face.

Gwen is also going through our second round of Body Back and we are so excited to have her blog about her journey. Follow along and cheer her on, we can't wait to see her transformation!

Without further ado:

Name: Gwen Ralston

Workout buddy/ies and age: Cord – 21 months and Trenten - 9

Originally from: Prosser, Washington

Favorite thing about FIT4MOM: That I get an awesome workout and Cord can come! When did you join FIT4MOM? April 2017??

What is your current job? Or what did you do before staying at home? I am staying home with my kids and watching 5 month old twin boys but I was a Dental assistant when I worked outside of the home.

What is your favorite food? Pizza, anything Italian.

What is your favorite beverage? Dr. Pepper

What is your favorite book? Before Amen by Max Lucado

You are given four free hours of babysitting, what would you do? Mani/pedi and lunch

What is your dream kid free vacation? Hawaii

What is your dream family vacation? Ireland

How has becoming a mother changed you? In every way. Always putting another’s needs before my own and sleep, I really miss uninterrupted sleep.

Fondest childhood memory? That would be swimming at my Grandparents house. We spent practically our entire summer’s there. I miss them every day

Your favorite "go to" family friendly recipe? We love tacos at our house! Super easy and quick!

Gwen's Body Back Blog:

Body Back: Week 1

Well as this first week is coming to an end I am so thankful for being able to go on this journey AND I am so excited to see where it takes me! Starting with the first night, seeing where we were at, I realized that I have a way to go in getting my ideal body. Getting on a scale in front of someone was really hard! But I did it and it made me want to change that number and my body even more! The classes are really, REALLY hard but the feeling of accomplishment once complete, is amazing! This group of ladies I am on this journey with are amazing also. They push themselves and in turn, me, when I think I can’t keep going!

I thought changing my diet and changing the way I thought about food would be hard but I have found in this first week that when you choose healthy whole food, eating them is quite enjoyable! I realize that this is week one and I haven’t had to turn down something at my Mother in laws Sunday dinner but I will make a healthy switch and try not to beat myself up if I slip.

Body Back: Week 2

This week was slightly more challenging, during the week I did great eating right, exercising, keeping my food journal, but this weekend I went out of town with my husband because he made the Pro West Finals in Cour d' alene and I had a few cheat meals and drinks Friday and Saturday night. I find myself beating myself up for that one thing I knew I should have passed up but I realize that one meal won’t make or break me and tomorrow is a new day.

I lost 4 pounds at weigh in this week and that feels great! I have been working hard and seeing results! I did the body back mini rounds at home this week and they were killer but I loved them! When I get that workout in, in the morning I feel better throughout my entire day!

I start watching 5 month old twins this next week so that will bring a whole new set of challenges but I am determined to work out when I get home, meal plan and take my food with me so I’m not tempted with bad choices.

Body Back: Week 3

This week has been tough. I woke up Monday morning with a head cold which progressively got worse throughout the week. I made it to Monday’s class but the rest of the week this thing got the best of me. I didn’t get a work out it until Saturday morning but It felt great to get back at it! I also did a mini round on Sunday!

This was the first week of watching 5 month old twin boys and I made it! This next week will be a piece of cake seeing that I made through week one being sick. I did well prepping and taking my food with me this week and even though I was not feeling well, stuck to my healthy plan.

I am ready to take on this next week and make up for my missed workouts!

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